USA Mega Jackpots

Play America's biggest lotteries – only when jackpot hits $50 Million or higher!

USA MEGA-JACKPOTS includes BOTH Mega Millions and U.S. Powerball – two of the highest-paying lotteries in America. It is quite simply the biggest and most exciting Game in the world!

When you play in USA MEGA-JACKPOTS, your numbers are entered ONLY when prize payout amounts reach a certain minimum jackpot. This way, you play in Draws when the Jackpot and all other cash prizes are at their very highest.

Your numbers are entered automatically when the jackpot prize pool hits US$50 Million or higher!

You may play for a single draw or take in a subscription if you wish to spread out your chances of winning a USA MEGA JACKPOTS prize over a longer period. You can sign up to be entered in "Mega Jackpots-Only" Draws for a maximum Play period of 20 Draws.

Join in (and win a record-breaking Jackpot!) right from the comfort and convenience of your own home - wherever in the world you live. You don't even have to be in the United States to play.

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USA Mega Millions

Jackpots start at US$20 million and average around US$80 Million per Draw. When there's no top prize winner, the Jackpot prize rolls over to the next Draw, getting bigger… and BIGGER until someone wins!


USA American Powerball

Start Winning Bigger Multi-Million Jackpots from USA American Powerball! Play for your share of as much as US$365 Million THREE times a week... and be in with a chance to win bigger multi-million dollar Jackpots!


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Play US$117 Million USA Mega Jackpots Now
Estimated Jackpot: € 213 Million US$ 228 Million
Next Available Draw: Tuesday, June 25, 2024
08:00 PM GMT+01:00
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