Multinational Jackpots

Playing two lotteries at the same time doubles one's chances of winning a prize. BUT when you get yourself playing FOUR of the world's GRANDEST lotteries in a game series — be ready for the BIG surprise — because the best chances of winning the BIGGEST lottery jackpots are all yours to enjoy!

Multinational Jackpots offers the exclusive opportunity to automatically enter USA American Powerball + USA Mega Millions + EuroMillions + Eurojackpot whenever any of the jackpot prizes hit US$50 MILLION and above. This way, you will never miss those BIG draws that could make you win the combined JACKPOT prizes of over US$111,288,197.16!

We've Made It Simple!

Upon subscription to the Multinational Jackpots, you will have unique set of numbers for each of these lotteries and the combinations will be automatically entered in the closest possible draw/s whenever a jackpot reaches US$50 MILLION for each lottery.

By subscribing to Multinational Jackpots, we set the ground for YOU to play and win the BIGGEST international lottery JACKPOTS like no other.

USA American Powerball

The Powerball holds the record of the having the biggest jackpot in lottery history. Starting from a US$20 Million jackpot prize, the pot reached as high as US$2.04 BILLION and was won by ONE LUCKY individual on November 7, 2022.


USA Mega Millions

Known as one of the GRANDEST, USA Mega Millions is one of the lotteries you really shouldn't miss. This year alone, there have been four huge jackpots won: one in Florida (US$451 Million), one in New Jersey ($US533 Million), one in California (US$543 Million) and one in South Carolina - currently being the record holder for the largest USA Mega Millions jackpot won to date ($US1.537 Billion).



If you think US alone is the powerhouse in lottery, you might be getting it wrong. UK's EuroMillions has already given out more than £10.6 Billion to its jackpot winners since its launch in 2004 and that number is fast growing.



This could be the "youngest" among the four, but the popularity of Eurojackpot has already made a name of its own as one of the most interesting games in the world! With better winning odds compared to most, each Eurojackpot draw brings excitement to a different level.


It's your time now to create BIG history.
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