How to Enter


All lottery entries are processed on your behalf by Overseas Subscribers Agents (OSA). Since 1998, OSA has assisted over 160,000 players to enter draws that are not available in their country or state. OSA processes your entry so that you are entered into the first available draw for the lottery / lotteries you specify. OSA keeps you advised of any winnings both through email and this website – and collects all cash prizes on your behalf. You don't have to do anything yourself as OSA will do it all for you. When you win, your cash prize is entirely yours – there are NO commissions retained by OSA.

Your Entry Options

You have TWO Entry Options when you order through OSA.

Option 1: Enter a “SINGLE PLAY” wherein you'll be entered in the next available draw with a specific jackpot amount for the lottery of your choice.

Option 2: Enter a “SUBSCRIPTION TYPE” and this will allow you to play in any lottery of your choice commencing with the first available draw up to a maximum of 20 Draws irrespective of payout level.

Your Entry Guidelines
  1. You must be 18 years or older to place an Entry with OSA.
  2. For Entries purchased with a Mastercard or Visa credit card, please allow 12 hours prior to the Draw for your order to be processed and your entry submitted to a licensed government lottery agent.
  3. For Entries with all other card or payment types, please allow 48 hours prior to the Draw for your order to be processed and your entry submitted to a licensed government lottery agent.
  4. Please adhere to any local laws which prevent you entering Lottery Draws outside your country or state.
Your Entry

As you work your way through this site, you will see the above Draw Summary on several occasions. This Draw Summary gives you "one-click" access to our shopping cart where you can enter your selected Draw.
For example, let's assume you want to play a 20 Draw Subscription under the USA American Powerball.
Click-on PLAY NOW on the Summary displayed on our homepage and you will enter our Ordering System where you...

Step 1: Define Your Entry
  1. Select the Number of Games You Wish to Play – a row of specific numbers represents a "Game".
  2. Select the Number of Draws You Wish to Play – e.g. select "20" if you wish to be entered into the next 20 available Draws.
  3. You will then be asked for your number options – you can choose to provide your chosen numbers or you can also click on “QUICKPICK ALL” and you will be assigned with system generated numbers.
  4. At this point, you can also choose to play another lottery that is being offered on the page.
Step 2: Your Personal Information

Upon completion of Step #1, you will be taken to a new screen which summarizes your purchase. But your order will still be pending.

This is where you must enter your personal details, including payment type.
You must order by credit card. You can purchase your Entry with any of two credit cards: Visa and Master Card
PLEASE NOTE: Your credit card HAS NOT BEEN CHARGED at this point.
To conclude your purchase, select CONFIRM and your order will be processed.


A confirmation of your purchase will be displayed online...

Important Notes When Ordering
  1. Like all online ordering systems, you may find that need to submit your order more than once before it is successful. This can be caused by delays in data transfer between our payment processor and their issuing banks or errors in the information you have submitted. Please re-submit your entry order if this occurs – your credit card will NOT be charged until Confirmation of your Entry is provided.
  2. All transactions within our ordering system are processed through Overseas Subscribers Agents (OSA) Secure Server. Your Credit Card Information will be encrypted via a 128 bit SSL Certificate for safety purposes. Please note that some of the information you provide will never be visible to OSA staff – it is visible only to our online payment processor, giving you an extra layer of security.
  3. Our online payment processor has implemented one of the tightest fraud control systems in the industry. This process requires that you submit your full name and address when you purchase online. Please ensure that these details are the same as your statement address.
  4. Please provide both a landline and cell phone number so we can reach you quickly when you win a big prize.
  5. Purchases from this website will appear on your credit card statement as one of the following billing descriptors:
    OSA +353868006489
    International Lottery Agent

**Other billing descriptors may reflect for future purchases.
Kindly ensure to double check your Official Entry Confirmation for the billing name used.

Credit Card / Ordering Problems?

Some credit card issuers place limitations on certain online purchases, including (in some cases) entry into Government and State Lotteries. Therefore, if your credit card is "declined", you may like to...

  • Try ordering using a different credit card.
  • Use our offline transaction processing service
    – many transactions "declined" online can be easily processed manually.
  • Use another payment option as listed in our cart.
  • Contact us for assistance in placing an order through alternative avenues.
    You can speak to one of our staff directly... or chat online.
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