Australia Gold Lotto Superdraw

Superdraw is the term given to an Australia Gold Lotto Saturday Draw with a large "guaranteed" jackpot pool.

Several times a year, Lotto enthusiasts look forward to entering and winning EXTRA LARGE Jackpot prizes in the AUSTRALIAN LOTTERY. These seasonal bankrolls, called "SUPERDRAWS", pay out the biggest Jackpots and give better odds of winning a cash prize than any other Lotto in the Asia/Pacific region.

Quick Facts
Game Type: 6/45
First Draw: July 6, 1985
Draw Schedule: Saturday 8:30 pm (AEST) - 7 Draws Per Annum*
Biggest Jackpot: AU$33 Million December 30th 2006

Five percent (5%) of each regular Weekly Draw in Australia Gold Lotto is held in reserve and kept in a special fund which builds up over a period of several months. When the time comes for a SUPERDRAW, this huge amount of money is added to the prize pool. This way not only does the JACKPOT PRIZE become huge – but ALL THE OTHER PRIZES GET A LOT BIGGER TOO! The bigger the cash prizes become, the more excited people get — and the more they pour money into the SUPERDRAW.

In recent years Superdraws have seen guaranteed First Division prize pools of around AU$19 million. But in December 2006, OZ Superdraws Jackpot was recorded at AU$33 million, the highest in Australian Lotto's 35-year history.

6 Ways To Win

Now, you too can play and win your share of the next Multi-Million Dollar SUPERDRAW. This payout is 55% of the total Lottery earnings – compared to only 45% paid out in many European Lottos and only 50% paid out in most North American Lottos.

Play the Australia Gold Lotto Superdraw like the Australia Gold Lotto : No extra Lucky Stars, Power Ball, or Mega Ball, simply choose 6 numbers from 1 to 45.

Prize Division Number of Winners Prize Amount
1st Division
(Jackpot Prize)
6 of 6 JACKPOT!
2nd Division 5 + at least 1 Supplementary 3.8% of prize pool
3rd Division 5 numbers 8.2% of prize pool
4th Division 4 numbers 12.4% of prize pool
5th Division 3 + at least 1 Supplementary 20.8% of prize pool
6th Division 3 numbers 26.8% of prize pool
Play AU$20 Million Australia Gold Lotto Superdraw Now
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Estimated Jackpot: US$ 525 Million
Next Available Draw: Friday, February 23, 2024
04:00 AM GMT-05:00
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