Special Draws

Win Big Prizes - Three Different Ways - With These New Special Draws from Overseas Subscribers Agents

Each time you place an order with OSA, you're automatically entered into both of these big draws for FREE!

1. Easy Cash Draw

The Easy Cash draw is an annual draw held every June 30 for a cash prize of US$10,000.

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2. Year of Your Life Draw

  • At the end of each month, one lucky OSA player is selected to win FREE LOTTERY PLAY for one whole year!
  • The winners are entered into 2 games of OZ Gold Saturday 6/45 lotto for an entire year.
  • The games commence a week after their names are drawn.
  • All the monthly Year of Your Life Draw winners are notified by mail/email of the game details.
  • Players may not win the Year Of Your Life Draw more than once.

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3. Monthly Birthday Winners

  • This is an EXCLUSIVE Draw for players who place their games via web and email.
  • One lucky winner will be a recipient of 5 FREE Games to the next available Australian Superdraw.
  • Players are eligible to win with the following conditions:
    • Your birthday falls on the month drawn.
    • You have made a purchase within 3 months.
    • Your purchase is made via web or email.

    (If you believe you have not provided your birthday, you may send us an email to service@osalottos.com and we will update our record so your name may be eligible to be drawn.)

  • You will be notified via email in regards to your win.
  • Players may not win more than once

To Be In To Win a Prize in Our Special Draws:

To qualify for any of the three special draws above, you must either be a new OSA player or a renewing player during the prize draw month.

Every purchase you make gives you an entry in the raffle... So the more lotteries you play with OSA, the more chances you have of becoming one of our raffle winners!