Japan Jumbo Draw

The Jumbo Draw is the largest and highest paying amongst all Japanese Takara-kuji (literally translated as "treasure" or "fortune") Lotteries. In fact, with the exception of the Spanish El Gordo Draw, it's the biggest Lottery Draw in the world.

Lotteries originated in Japan in the 1600s. They were banned and resurrected several times until being banned entirely in 1842. After more than a hundred years of absence, the Japanese penchant for gambling could no longer be restrained and lotteries were finally revived in 1945. Takara-kuji lotteries were used to rebuild the country and help stave off rapidly escalating inflation.

Japan "Summer" Jumbo Draw Prize Breakdown

PrizesNo. of PrizesPrize BreakdownCash Payout in Yen
1st Prize20Match the Winning Ticket Number and Group Number for 1st Prize10,000,000,000
40Ticket before and after winning ticket4,000,000,000
1,980Different class but same number as 1st prize198,000,000
2nd Prize40Match the Winning Ticket Number drawn for the 2nd Prize400,000,000
3rd Prize600Match the Winning Ticket Number drawn for the 3rd Prize600,000,000
4th Prize12,000Match the Winning Ticket Number drawn for the 4th Prize1,200,000,000
5th Prize2,000,000Match the Winning Ticket Number drawn for the 5th Prize6,000,000,000
6th Prize20,000,000Match the Winning Ticket Number drawn for the 6th Prize6,000,000,000
Total Prize22,014,680Total Cash Payout28,398,000,000

Your Japan Jumbo Ticket Will Look Like This:

This number tells you in which Draw you are playing. This Ticket for example, is for the 696th Japan Jumbo Draw.

This part shows the Group Number of your ticket. There are usually 100 Groups in each Draw. To win the First Prize, you must have both the correct Ticket Number and correct Group Number.

This six-digit figure is your Ticket number.