Japan Jumbo Draw

Draw Date: Friday, March 24, 2017

Official List of Winning Numbers — Japan Green Jumbo

Prize DivisionWinning NumbersGroup NumberPrize Winnings in Japanese YenUS Dollar Equivalent
1st Prize19861792300,000,000.002,704,500.83
Ticket Number before the 1st Prize Ticket Number19861692100,000,000.00901,500.27
Ticket Number after the 1st Prize Ticket Number19861892100,000,000.00901,500.27
Same numbers as 1st Prize, but different group198617Any group other than 92100,000.00901.50
2nd Prize1915802520,000,000.00180,300.05
2nd Prize1006952720,000,000.00180,300.05
2nd Prize1212648120,000,000.00180,300.05
3rd Prizexx4030Any group100,000.00901.50
4thxxxx02Any group3,000.0027.04
5thxxxxx1Any group300.002.70
Spring Special Prizexxx239Any group10,000.0090.15
Spring Special Prizexxx783Any group10,000.0090.15