Japan Jumbo Draw

Draw Date: Sunday, August 20, 2017

Official List of Winning Numbers — Japan Summer Jumbo

Prize DivisionWinning NumbersGroup NumberPrize Winnings in Japanese YenUS Dollar Equivalent
1st Prize15914975500,000,000.004,626,065.84
Ticket Number before the 1st Prize Ticket Number15914875100,000,000.00925,213.16
Ticket Number after the 1st Prize Ticket Number15915075100,000,000.00925,213.16
Same numbers as 1st Prize, but different group159149Any group100,000.00925.21
2nd Prize1255211410,000,000.0092,521.31
2nd Prize1123075210,000,000.0092,521.31
2nd Prize1116241010,000,000.0092,521.31
3rd Prize62Any group last 2 digit3,000.0027.75
4th Prize3Any group last 1 digit300.002.77
Summer Festival Prize0905Any group last 4 digit50,000.00462.60
Summer Festival Prize3807Any group last 4 digit50,000.00462.60