Japan Jumbo Draw

Draw Date: Friday, May 11, 2018

Official List of Winning Numbers — Japan Dream Draw

Prize DivisionWinning NumbersGroup NumberPrize Winnings in Japanese YenUS Dollar Equivalent
1st Prize16613582300,000,000.002,751,319.25
Ticket Number before the 1st Prize Ticket Number16613482100,000,000.00917,106.41
Ticket Number after the 1st Prize Ticket Number16613682100,000,000.00917,106.41
Same numbers as 1st Prize, but different group166135Any group100,000.00917.10
2nd Prize1472135810,000,000.0091,710.64
2nd Prize1244865810,000,000.0091,710.64
2nd Prize1503259710,000,000.0091,710.64
2nd Prize1020644510,000,000.0091,710.64
2nd Prize1509429310,000,000.0091,710.64
2nd Prize1237514010,000,000.0091,710.64
3rd Prize108405Any group1,000,000.009,171.06
4th Prize4801Any group number last 4 digit100,000.00917.10
5th Prize090Any group number last 3 digit10,000.0091.71
6th Prize42Any group number last 2 digit3,000.0027.51
7th Prize8Any group number last 1 digit300.002.75
Dream Special Prize0845Any group number last 2 digit30,000.00275.13