Japan Jumbo Draw

Draw Date: Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Official List of Winning Numbers — Japan Year-end Draw

Prize DivisionWinning NumbersGroup NumberPrize Winnings in Japanese YenUS Dollar Equivalent
1st Prize15389339700,000,000.006,475,126.26
Ticket Number before the 1st Prize Ticket Number15389239150,000,000.001,387,527.05
Ticket Number after the 1st Prize Ticket Number15389439150,000,000.001,387,527.05
Same numbers as 1st Prize, but different group153893Any Group100,000.00925.01
2nd Prize15377112710,000,000.0092,501.80
2nd Prize16097511210,000,000.0092,501.80
2nd Prize1410701110,000,000.0092,501.80
3rd Prize1805681,000,000.009,250.18
3rd Prize1918321,000,000.009,250.18
3rd Prize1738011,000,000.009,250.18
3rd Prize1510571,000,000.009,250.18
3rd Prize1584411,000,000.009,250.18
4th Prizeticket ending in 5223Any Group100,000.00925.01
5th Prizeticket ending in 214Any Group10,000.0092.50
5th Prizeticket ending in 728Any Group10,000.0092.50
6th Prizeticket ending in 11Any Group3,000.0027.75
7th Prizeticket ending in 7Any Group300.002.77
Year End Lucky Awardticket ending in 1960Any Group20,000.00185.00