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  Your Chance to Win Multi-Millions.  
Euro Millions
Friday, April 25 2014
09:00 PM GMT+1

70 Million
Mega Millions
Friday, April 25 2014
11:00 PM GMT-5

US$59 Million
Italian Superenalotto
Thursday, April 24 2014
12:00 AM GMT+1

15.3 Million
Euro Jackpot
Friday, April 25 2014
09:00 PM GMT+1

15 Million
Irish Lottery
Saturday, April 26 2014
07:57 PM GMT


UK Lottery
Saturday, April 26 2014
10:37 PM GMT


American Powerball
Saturday, April 26 2014
10:59 PM GMT-5


Australian Lotto
Saturday, April 26 2014
08:30 PM GMT+10

AU$4 Million
El Gordo

Saturday, May 10 2014
12:00 PM GMT+1

84 Million
Australian Lotto Superdraw
Saturday, May 17 2014
08:30 PM GMT+10

AU$21 Million
Japan Jumbo Draw
Friday, June 13 2014
11:30 AM GMT+9

34 Billion
Euro Millions Group Play
Friday, June 20 2014
09:00 PM GMT+1

40 Million
El Gordo Draw
Saturday, July 5 2014
12:00 PM GMT+1

140 Million
El Gordo Group Play
Saturday, July 5 2014
12:00 PM GMT+1

140 Million
More Chances to Win

The Overseas Subscribers Agents service provides a convenient and reliable way to enter offshore lottery draws -- PLUS several unique options which give you more chances to win
Special Group Play Options
These are geared to specific Draws – primarily those with big Payouts.

For example, our Powerplay Group Play is available only when USA Powerball jackpots to $100 million or more … and comes with a Guaranteed 10 Prize Wins based on a unique algorithm we have developed.

You can purchase an entry into a syndicate in advance – and guarantee your inclusion in the next available Group / Syndicate for that Draw.

Or you can wait until a Group offer is announced and purchase at that time.

Many of our regular customers purchase single entries into a major Draw PLUS a Group entry – to boost their overall chances.
Free Plays
For buyers of multiple entries, we provide free games with each order.

These are listed for your convenience when placing an order through the links provided to the left.
Scratch Offs

In addition to entering offshore Lottery Draws, we also provide our players with the opportunity to purchase Scratch Offs from other parts of the world.

These provide another opportunity to WIN! Our most recent winner:  Mr. CG from the West Indies is now enjoying a $200,000 win from an Australian Scratch Off we provided in February 2007.

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