Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. I want to play in overseas lottery Jackpots when they roll-over into huge dollar amounts but am unaware of when they take place. Is there an easy way for me to be kept informed?A. Yes - simply choose "Subscribe Free Email Alerts" on the front page of this website. OSA will send you regular alerts so you can be kept in touch without having to come back to this website all the time. This website is constantly being updated so you may like to bookmark it in your "Favorites" folder so you have ready access whenever you want.

Q. Can I place an entry in more than one Rollover Jackpot Draw at the same time?A. Yes it's possible! Players can participate in as many Jackpot Draws as they wish provided they will submit their individual games one rollover draw at a time. The player can also opt for a subscription where they enter succeeding draws using the same number sets or play those numbers only when the jackpot reaches a certain amount.

Q. What lead time do I need to give you to enter in a specific Draw?A. If you're paying by Mastercard or Visa, you can enter any current Draw up to 6 hours before the actual Draw. With all other payment options, you will need to enter at least 48 hours in advance of the Draw.

Q. Do I improve my chances of winning when I enter through OSA?A. OSA is a processing agent only – working in conjunction with authorized / licensed agents – to help residents from any country enter overseas Jackpot Draws. We cannot improve your chances of winning... but can help you participate and have a chance to win in a Draw you cannot enter through your local agent "down the street". Anyone who claims they "can improve your chances of winning" is, of course, not being truthful.

Q. How can I check on the status of my entry?A. You'll be advised by return email your instructions have been accepted for entry into the next Rollover Jackpot Draw.

Q. How do I find out the result of any Jackpot Draw?A. You can access results at any time online at . You'll also receive emails giving you detailed results of all Jackpot Draws. Please make sure you tick the box to receive these email "results" notices.

Q. How will you notify me if I am a winner?A. You'll be contacted by email detailing your winnings. If you're a major cash prize winner, you'll be telephoned. It's important you nominate your home and mobile numbers so we can contact you easily.

Q. Since I may be based outside the country in which any Draw takes place, how do I actually receive my winnings?A. OSA guarantees to collect your winnings on your behalf through their local network of agents and then transfer the money to you IN FULL.

Q. Can I nominate where my winnings are to be sent?A. Of course. Your winnings will be transferred in any currency you choose, to any bank account you nominate, anywhere in the world. OSA makes no extra charge for this service.

Q. Can I cancel my entry before any Draw take place?A. Yes, OSA does allow cancellations and WILL refund all monies if you notify us in advance of the Draw and give us adequate time to cancel your entry. We require 48 hours notice to facilitate this. Log on to our Live Help to make this happen. Once your request is processed, we may allocate your number selections to another player and they will hold legal right to that entry and the cash winnings these numbers generate.

All entry fees and/or payments for lotto entries are non-refundable once entries have been lodged or subscriptions have expired.

If you reasonably believe that you have been wrongfully charged for an entry, you may request a refund by contacting us at or via Live Chat at Please include full transaction details, including the relevant dates, payment details, and a short explanation for the refund request. Refunds may be granted in this instance at OSA's discretion.

Q. Will you accept a Standing Order to charge my credit card and enter me in every single Rollover Jackpot Draw over a specific period of time?A. Yes... as long as you provide your explicit authorization. We cannot proceed without this.

Q. What guarantee do you give on the quality of your Service?A. We guarantee you an honest, ethical and efficient processing service. We cannot give you any guarantee of winning, of course. You're entering a lottery and therefore your chances of winning are as good as every other participant.

Q. I receive regular emails from people telling me I've won big time in a Government lottery. These are obviously scams as I haven't actually entered any of these Lotteries. How can I trust you?A. The emails you receive saying "you have won" are 100% scams. Please DO NOT respond to them. OSA operates a Lottery Scam Watch and you're encouraged to read this thoroughly. This company has provided a lottery processing service to over 155,000 players since 1988 and goes out of its way to provide an honest and totally ethical service. Our biggest "OSA Jackpot" prizewinner received 100% of his winnings (approx US$24.1 million) which was reported in newspapers worldwide.