European Mega Jackpots Group Play

Do you know what is a Lottery Syndicate/Group?

A lottery syndicate/group is a pool of players who buy lottery tickets together and share in the prize winnings in proportion to each member. Tickets bought inside a syndicate are entitled to every member of the group and this strategy significantly intensifies the odds of winning of a particular player without even spending more on tickets!

…And We have a Much Better Lottery Group For You!

Here in OSA we are happy to let you experience the same lottery group advantage in a BETTER way! By joining European Mega Jackpots Group Play, you and your group composed of 25 members will have the chance to enter both EuroMillions and EuroJackpot for just US$21 per share!

To make sure the games that your group will be entering are the BEST EuroMillions and EuroJackpot draws out there, your combinations for the European Mega Jackpots Group Play will ONLY be entered once the JACKPOT for either/both EuroMillions and EuroJackpot hits or exceeds US$50 MILLION!

Having this strategy, you will only play in draws when the Jackpot and all other cash prizes are at their very BIGGEST value!

Note that the EuroMillions jackpot alone can reach as high as €190,000,000 and even second division prizes can make people millionaires!

This is something that every group like yours should look forward to!

Join European Mega Jackpots Group Play TODAY and have yourself a share on that massive JACKPOT prizes—THE EASIER WAY!