Euro Jackpot

The Next BIG European Lottery Draw Has Arrived

The EuroJackpot lottery, with some of the best winning odds and a truly exciting 12-tier prize winning chart, is now available to worldwide players through the services of OSA!

Europe's newest lottery was launched on March 23, 2012 and extends across ten European countries: Germany, Italy, Estonia, Iceland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Slovenia, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Draws are held every Friday in Helsinki.

How Does the EuroJackpot Work?

EuroJackpot's winning odds are as good as some of the best lotteries in the world, and even better than others. The odds of winning a lower division prize are a notable 1:35. Odds of winning a first division prize are 1 in 59 million (significantly better than EuroMillions' 1 in 116 million.)

Jackpots begin at EUR 10 million and can climb to a ceiling jackpot prize of EUR 90 million.

To play, you must select five numbers from 1-50, plus two additional numbers from 1-10. These two extra numbers, aside from being included in the jackpot winning combination, give players more chances to win extra prizes.

12 Different Ways to Win

There are 12 winning categories in the EuroJackpot lottery. To win the first division prize, players must match the 5 main numbers and two bonus numbers drawn — but you can win a prize with as few as 3 correct numbers. By looking deeply into how number patterns work in the EuroJackpot, you can improve the odds to your favor.

1521 of 59,325,280
2511 of 4,943,773
3501 of 3,955,019
4421 of 263,668
5411 of 21,972
6401 of 17,758
7321 out of 5,992
8311 of 418
9221 of 499
10301 of 399
11121 of 80
12211 of 35

EuroJackpot prizes, like EuroMillions, are pari-mutuel. This means that the lower level prize amounts will vary depending on the Jackpot amount. The bigger the Jackpot, the bigger the lower division prizes become as well.

Try your luck now at Europe's newest Lottery! You never know – you could be one of the first EuroJackpot Millionaires!