Australian Lotto

Now you too can play and win your share of at least AU$9.7 Million every week in the Australian Lottery. This payout is 55% of the total Lottery earnings – compared to only 45% paid out in many European Lottos and only 50% paid out in most North American Lottos.

Quick Facts Australian Lottery 6/45
First Draw:June 22, 1972
Draw Schedule:Saturday 8:30 pm (AEST)
Biggest Jackpot:AU$47.9 Million in April 2008


The Australian National Lottery has six prize divisions.

Prize DivisionNumber of WinnersPrize Amount
1st Division
(Jackpot Prize)
6 of 6JACKPOT!
2nd Division5 + at least 1 Supplementary3.8% of prize pool
3rd Division5 numbers8.2% of prize pool
4th Division412.4% of prize pool
5th Division3 + at least 1 Supplementary20.8% of prize pool
6th Division326.8% of prize pool


You can play the Australian Lotto – from wherever in the world you may be – through the services of Overseas Subscribers Agents. Just pick a subscription that suits you, and for each Game, simply pick 6 numbers from 1 to 45. Take time to check the probability of the best number combinations in the Australian lottery.

With only 6 main numbers from 45 to choose from (no extra Powerballs, Mega balls or Lucky Stars) the Australian Lotto has – hands-down – the best winning odds of all Pick-6 lottos in the world.