Our Biggest Winners

On January 2nd 2002, Mr. R.H. from Switzerland (who wishes to remain anonymous), received a wonderful shock! He was called by Angie (his contact at OSA) who told him he'd won £16.6 million (US$24.1 Million) in the U.K. National Lottery - which at that time was the biggest individual cash payment ever in UK Lotto history.

According to Angie, it was several minutes before he could actually speak . When he did speak it was to say he had always been certain one day he would win a large cash prize in an international lottery.

Mr. R.H. is a 61-year old Swiss businessman who was traveling in Brazil at the time of his win. He flew to London for the day to collect his prize (with his Brazilian girlfriend whom he has now married).

The winner was playing the same combination of numbers in U.K. Lotto, German Lotto, French Lotto, Spanish Lotto and Canadian Lotto (where entries were made for him by OSA only when a big Jackpot began to roll-over and accumulate). His numbers came up in U.K. Lotto in the Jackpot Draw on January 2nd, and were the ONLY numbers to win the huge cash prize that day!

His winning numbers were 02 - 06 - 20 - 24 - 29 - 32.

The U.K. Lotto Jackpot had not been won on December 26 so the amount was rolled-over to December 29, 2001. It was not won again and rolled-over to Wednesday, January 2, 2002 when our player's numbers came up. He was the only winner of the Jackpot in the Draw that day.